Driving licence for Motorcycle


This category includes motorcycles with or without side trailers and tricycles. The driving licence of this category includes a license to drive vehicles of categories AM, A1, A2 and G. The required age for taking a driving test in this category is 24 years, or 20 years if you have had a category A2 driving license for two years. In this case, you only take a specific practical part of the driving licence test.

Driving teachers chose Yamaha XJ6 N and Kawasaki Vesys 650 motorcycles for you. For the training, we also provide you with appropriate protective equipment and helmet.


  • ​The 20-hour course of road traffic regulations at the driving school
  • Theory exam at the examination centre
  • Driver training at the driving school
  • A driving exam at the examination centre


  • Acquired medical certificate (at the practice of occupational, traffic and sports medicine)
  • First aid exam (at the Red Cross)