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Driving Licence for Foreigners

I have a foreign driving licence, now what?

You moved from abroad to Slovenia, but how about the change of a driving licence you’ve passed abroad?

Any foreigner or Slovenian national who has passed a driving licence abroad may submit a request for the replacement of a foreign driver’s license with a Slovenian driver’s license. The conditions for the replacement of a driving licence shall be met when the place of residence in Slovenia is continuous for more than six months.

In order to replace a driving licence issued abroad, an application to obtain a Slovenian driving licence must be submitted at the administrative unit. Besides the application for the replacement of a driving licence, a medical examination must also be carried out at the practice of occupational, traffic and sports medicine. Then you can enrol in a driving school. The number of hours in such a case is not specified, but the driving teacher and yourself will jointly assess the number of hours needed for you to successfully pass the driving test based on the assessment of your knowledge of Slovenian road traffic regulations.

The Slovenian driving licence is issued when you successfully pass the practical part of the driving licence for all those categories of vehicles you were allowed to drive with a driving licence issued abroad. It is also important to know that an international driving licence cannot be converted into a Slovenian driver’s license.


First aid training and exam are carried out at the Red Cross. The validity of the certificate is not limited in time. You do not need to take the first aid exam if you are in training for driving the vehicles of categories AM and F.


You have to undergo a medical examination with an authorised doctor of occupational medicine and sport. You obtain a medical certificate which is valid for three years.

Dispensary for Occupational and Sports Medicine Radovljica

Dispensary for Occupational and Sports Medicine Kranj

Dispensary for Occupational and Sports Medicine Škofja Loka


You take the course in road traffic regulations at the driving school. You learn about traffic rules, traffic signs and the basics of traffic ethics.

The theoretical part of the exam (municipal tests) is performed before the committee of the competent examination centre. The test of knowledge is carried out on the computer. The validity of the theoretical part is three years.


The lessons of the practical part of the training are performed with a driving instructor of your choice. The training program prescribes 20 lessons for obtaining a driving licence for a car, motorcycle, bus and truck, and 16 lessons for towing a trailer and a tractor.

You pass the driving test before the commission of the examination centre and it takes one school hour, while it takes two school hours to get the driving licence for a truck and a bus.

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